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Massage bed - a unique way to relax, rehabilitate and regenerate the body
Discover an entirely new way of private massage


The hot water flow strikes the bottom flexible membrane and it translates the mechanical energy of the watercourse into the patient's body. This kind of dry, warm, water massage is designed for both rehabilitation and relaxation purposes. This is the ideal way to prevent sore muscles and pain in the shoulder and back areas that occur for example in a sedentary job or after a sport or standing.
Massage on our massage bed is highly recommended by physiotherapists for its demonstrable effects in the area of activation of metabolism, regeneration and rehabilitation.

Hotel Otakar finská sauna

Massage bed

Massage bed for 1 person
Massage can also be purchased for couples, where one enjoys massages and the other of the couple drinks tea, for example
The massage cycle lasts 25 minutes
You can choose from several massage programs and you can adjust your intensity

Hotel Otakar finská sauna

The main advantages of a massage bed

Using a simple touch panel you can choose which parts of your body and how much intensity they will be massaged.
Our massage bath is a modern variation of massaging, which is also used by spa facilities as one of the procedures.

  • rehabilitation, relaxation, regeneration

  • 5 degrees of intensity

  • 7 massage zones

  • 32 unique rotating nozzles

  • 12 therapeutic programs (3 standard, 9 individual)

  • bed temperature 35 ° C

  • simple operation

Massage without foreign touches

Our massage bed offers perfect body massage without a single touch.
During massage on our massage bed we guarantee you complete privacy in a beautiful setting

Massage price list
25 minutes - 299 CZK -1 person
50 minutes 499 CZK - 1 to 2 people
If you choose a 50-minute massage for 2 people, then after a 25-minute cycle, you change (one of the couple uses the massage and the other relaxes for a cup of tea)
Tea pot - 70 CZK


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